Celebrities Who Style Themselves

,By Calynn M. Lawrence

Many people view one of the perks of celebrity status is that you get to have a glam squad dress you for all of your appearances! However, you might be surprised to know that some stars choose to exercise their own creative freedom from time to time. These four celebrities in this article have been known to dress themselves and here’s why!


Beyonce is a mega star across all industries and she is certainly not slowing down for anybody! With someone at such a status as her, you would be shocked to know that she does her own hair, makeup and even designs some of her own clothing. With a mother who had her own beauty salon business and fashion line, the music mogul had it in her blood to be so talented when it comes to her fashion and beauty choices! Apparently, she has been doing a pretty great job as she just won an award from the CFDA in New York. Not only does she sell out stadiums she makes move in the fashion industry. She even launched her latest clothing line, Ivy Park, earlier in 2016!

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