Does A Model Need A Good Fashion Sense Or Is She Just A Blank Canvas?

,By Stylist Jenni Sellan

They might be masters of “off duty style” but do models require a fiercely fashionable sixth sense, or is their value best seen in the ability to present as a blank canvas, a chameleon of sorts ready to be transformed for the unveiling of fashion’s most creative minds?

We all agree that beauty is more than skin deep and in the same way models are so much more than their style we want to steal.
Fashion is a fun and accessible part of our everyday, but there’s more to this industry than meets your in-vogue eye;

Instrumental in product sales, brand awareness, development and growth, representing the designer and conveying the emotion and attitude of the brand, models play a critical role in the business of fashion.
Modeling in part is also theatrical. Just as great actors have a way of ‘becoming’ the character, the most successful models posses the ability to put their ‘person’ aside in order to breathe life into the creative vision; perhaps the key to longevity and success lies in their versatility and ability to adapt not only to seasonal changes, but also in their willingness to step into the creative mindset of the client. The result? Draw dropping moments, magic on the runway and colour to the canvas.

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