Finding The Perfect Fit

,By Jenni Sellan

Jeans, anytime, anywhere and any way. Take a Parisienne’s jeans out of her closet and she feels stark naked” (How to be Parisian wherever you are).

In a previous article I wrote for Stylehunter, I talked about the universal language of denim which speaks to us season after season. For most women I know, a great pair of denim jeans is considered a lifestyle essential, and for most women I know, shopping for a new pair of jeans is up there with buying a new pair of swimmers….a necessary and an unavoidable evil.

The denim landscape is vast and while some may consider it an indigo haven, with so many styles, cuts and washes, the sheer choice of it all can be overwhelming, so we have put together a few tips on reducing the pain…. who knows, with this check list, you might even enjoy the process.

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