I’m Sorry Ladies, The Feminist Battle is Confusing to Men

,By Dean Leibowitz

By now, I have no doubt you have all seen the viral video of Shoshana Roberts walking through the streets of New York for ten hours. The “harassment” she was subjected to has become a huge talking point among the feminist movement. The airtime the video received was overwhelming, to say the least. I heard it on the radio, saw it on TV, there were several satirical video responses that went viral (some a lot funnier than others), and the topic sparked debate amongst all my friends and family in the days that followed.

Click here to see Shoshana’s video.

Don’t get me wrong, I can totally understand and empathize with why so many women were horrified at the results of this social experiment. In ten hours of walking, Shoshana, who intentionally was not dressed to impress, was exposed to over 100 forms of “harassment”. Viewing the five minute clip, I can safely say that the word ‘harassment’ is somewhat of an overstatement. Most of the catcalls that came her way were harmless, complimentary call outs. But that’s not the point!

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