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,By Michele Smith
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There tends to be many crossover career moves, especially when it comes to musicians turned actors and vice versa. Is there the same type of career crossover when it comes to the fashion industry? The answer may or may not surprise you, but the answer here is yes. The following are a couple of beauties who have graced magazine covers, as well as the runway. These particulars models are now making an appearance on the silver screen.

Kate Upton

While Kate Upton is notoriously famous and readily recognizable for her Sports Illustrated cover, she is also known for her modeling cover work for Vogue, Cosmopolitan, GQ, Esquire among many, many others. When exactly did this beauty break into Hollywood? In 2011, Kate Upton proved that she was not just another pretty face and her talent shined in the 2011 film The Tower Heist. While this was a small role, she was able to use it as a springboard to land a co-starring role with Cameron Diaz, in the comedic hit The Other Woman. Stay tuned for many more film appearances to come, as Kate Upton is clearly in high demand.

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