My Day On A Plate – Steph Claire Smith

,By Stephanie Claire Smith – Keep It Cleaner

Here’s my day on a plate, keep in mind this changes from time to time as I travel a lot and work sometimes caters.


Acai Bowl – people who watch my snap would’ve noticed by now that when I’m home this is my go to. I usually have a sweet tooth in the morning so this always pleases my palate.

Porridge – if it’s too cold for an Acai I’ll go for a bowl of our warm delicious porridge, it warms my tummy but also my heart as it always reminds me of my Nanna. I usually mix almond butter through it and top it with either berries or banana.

Granola – I absolutely love our granola but if I haven’t made a batch and I’m in a rush, I’ll chop up some almonds and chuck those with chia seeds and cacao nibs, with some yoghurt and berries.

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