Raw, Vegan & Gluten-Free; But How Much Is Too Much

,By Jessica Sepel – The Healthy Life

I’ve noticed a pretty fascinating trend lately, within both my nutrition practice and  on social media: there is an overabundance of “healthy treats.” And while I am all about savouring indulgences (and take part myself!) it seems that we find it really challenging to incorporate the words “balance” and “moderation” into our lives.

As a nutritionist, my whole philosophy is that we can eat anything in moderation; a balance of the nutrient-dense and not-so-nutrient-dense.

With the world becoming so much more health conscious, perhaps we’re now using the label “healthy” as a license to go overboard with those foods.  The fact is there’s a lot of false advertisement going on. Just because something is marketed as “healthy or “natural” or “fat free” (the worst!) doesn’t mean it’s doing our bodies any good.

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