The Financial Realities of Being a Model

,By Ashley Stetts

The word “model” evokes a life of glamour: lounging by pools, eating celery sticks and shopping for size zero dresses.

In reality, most models spend their days schlepping to casting after casting, usually being rejected from each one. They live in model apartments with three other girls, and celery is for dinner only because they can’t afford much else.

How do I know? I’m a model myself.

My life falls somewhere between the glamour and the hardship. I’ve supported myself in New York City for eight years. I’ve been fortunate to be able to turn my modeling into a career, and even become financially stable along the way.

How I Got My Start

I grew up in Toronto, Canada, where I started trying to get an agency to represent me at age 15. When you’re tall and thin, people constantly suggest that you should be a model; my dad raised me, and because he had been a male model before starting his career in sales, he was supportive. It wasn’t until I entered college that an agency finally expressed interest.

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